Grilled Peeled Peppers in sunflower oil – made with fresh peppers

Italian cuisine is characterized by its simplicity and regional diversity with many dishes having few ingredients….. grilled peeled peppers are one such dish!

FRESH, red, yellow peppers are grilled on-site by means of a special grilling equipment, peeled for a digestible finished product and transformed immediately. The final result is an elemental dish of the Mediterranean flavour whose sweetness lends it to a host of different recipes…..grilled peppers along with an array of seasonal raw, boiled or roasted vegetables dipped in Bagna càuda  (literally   “ hot dip “-  smooth sauce made of anchovies and garlic) served in individual pots (the fojòt, a type of fondue pot traditionally made of  terra cotta…it’s not just a recipe; it’s an event…a staple of the Piedmont region.

TIPS FOR EATING: accompaniment for pita bread, added to pasta and rice salads, topping for grilled bread “bruschette”, as an appetizer, side-dish to fish and meat

Refrigerate after opening

Available in:
280 gram glass jar

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