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Montanini products in India

Montanini products in India are exclusively imported and distributed by Saksham.

Montanini products include a vast range of recipes drawing from the Italian culinary traditions, along with appetizing elaborations conceived to satisfy contemporary taste for tempting and light eating.
Montanini Conserve Alimentari lays the foundations of its activity in the respect for natural flavors of its prime quality ingredients, without adding coloring or preservatives. That is best expressed by the choice of simple and genuine recipes. Montanini products can be savored as they are or as ingredients in tempting recipes. Highest expression of worldwide gastronomic culture, Italian cuisine is continually evolving.

Montanini brings the highest quality Pestos, Pasta sauces, Creams, Dips, Side-dishes, Artichokes, Sun dried tomatoes, Flavored oils and Olives to India