Mushroom and Truffle Cream

A cream which holds all the scent and taste of autumn. Fresh cultivated mushrooms and black truffle “Tuber Aestivum Vitt” are the prime ingredients of this delicious pasta condiment…..a must for fine dining. Addition of a teaspoon of butter and plenty of Parmigiano cheese suits perfectly. “Tagliatelle and “pappardelle” are the recommended  pasta shapes. Nevertheless, added to “ risotto “,  simply superb.

Serving suggestions:

Excellent added to scrambled eggs; in toasts; as a spread on pita chips; in sandwiches; for croutons and canapés; in vol-au-vent; for tastier poultry dishes and roasted meat.

Instructions for use:

Pour cream in a frying pan. Slightly dilute with pasta’s cooking water. Add cooked pasta, butter and cheese at will.

Refrigerate after opening

Available in:

140 gram glass jar

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