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about us //

sakshammSaksham is a privately owned company established in the year 2002, with the vision of bringing international premium food and beverages brands to India.

Today we are known as a Importer & distributor of premium food & beverages brands, offering a wide range of high quality products. We take great pride in importing fine foods & beverages brands from virtually every corner of the world.

The essence of Saksham lies in our philosophy that premium brands are an experience above all. Our splendid mix of products from across the globe ensures that the Indian market is spoilt for choice, by brands par excellence, both in quality and premiumness .

Saksham not only has the skills to successfully bring the International products to the Indian market, but is also we equipped with art to reach out to its desired customers. We track a wide range of critical food industry trends such as consumer behavior, attributes and purchase motivators – ranging from specific requirements and unique dietary needs to emerging consumer trends and brand awareness.

At Saksham we use a proactive model in doing business. We are strategic and professional in our approach and have the ability to be flexible, thus ensuring our customers’ needs are met. As a result we are the exclusive distribution and marketing partner for iconic brand like MONIN more than a decade now.

In addition we have many other premium brands who believed in our capability to build their brands in India. Toschi, Bonne Maman, Mutti, Angostura, Vicenzi, Grisbi, S.pellegrino, Sanpellegrino, Fever tree, Kölln, De Cecco, Montanini, Loreto, Spigadoro, Riso Scotti, Olitalia and Fruit Me Up are all very premium brands who partner with Saksham on an exclusive basis.

Saksham is head quartered in Delhi, with corporate office and studio in Gurgaon and a branch office in Mumbai. We have distribution network across India. We are open to adding more and more partners in our network to reach a critical mass.