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our value chain //

Inbound logistics

  • We have in-house supply chain team that deals with custom clearing enabling quick transfer of good to warehouse.


  • Our skilled and knowledgeable team works closely with customers and our distributors.
  • From orders placing to delivering ensuring quick turnaround time
  • Sales processing is managed entirely by our operations team

Outbound logistics

  • Every state in India has its own taxation policy that govern sales. Therefore, local representation is very important. We have local distribution network that happens to be the best in their respective state
  • Local distributor with local knowledge play important role in hassle free and timely distribution of our products

Marketing & sales

  • We have experienced and knowledgeable team
  • We often indulge in developing innovative marketing solutions to enable better communication with our distributors and end consumer
  • A lot of time is spent in training the team