Tomato Pasta Sauce with basil

Fresh tomato sauce with the flavour of summer. Tomato pulp, onions, basil and garlic make up the most basic of pasta sauces……naturally married with “ spaghetti “.……a must! Pasta al Pomodoro” is Italy’s national dish and the most famous one of the Italian cuisine in the world. Tomato sauce is considered the Mediterranean seasoning “ par excellence “. The first combination of tomato sauce with pasta and pizza goes back to 1779 while its modern version and uses was handed down by Pellegrino Artusi in 1891. Tomato is a common but yet a very precious vegetable… the starting point for many pasta sauces, more or less rich and elaborated, all of which express appreciation for good food.

Instructions for use:

Pour sauce in a frying pan. Add “al dente” cooked pasta and chilli at will.

Refrigerate after opening

Available in:
180 gram glass jar

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