MONTANINI CONSERVE ALIMENTARI is an Italian food manufacturer of pasta sauces, creams, pesto, appetizers and Italian specialties located in northern Italy in the Piedmont region at the outskirts of TURIN.
The company was established by Mr. Leopoldo Montanini 41 years ago, a self-made man of outstanding entrepreneurial skills who combined tenacity and self-denial by capitalizing in his own business all experience achieved and accumulated in the various food industries of Parma; from the sweet industry to the tomato industry.
The company is 100% family owned with 3 generations at work sharing Leopoldo’s same passion for good food of the traditional Italian taste……a “contagious“passion extended to and felt by the 26 workers employed.
MONTANINI products are shelf-stable and represent the Italian Excellence as solely “one “premium quality standard is produced and exported world-wide.
Proud of our culinary tradition, MONTANINI desires to treat its customers with products that represent passion and Italian tradition: products of the special taste and total quality.