The original recipe was the start of a genuine tradition of quality, consisting of plenty of care and attention. A quality that today many attempt to imitate, but thanks to its geniality, only De Cecco can guarantee.

Since 1886, De Cecco quality means.

A selection of the best wheats, which guarantees the use of semolina mixes for the dough with high gluten quality, in order to maintain excellent elasticity and firmness during cooking.

A purer semolina, which only originates from the real “heart of durum wheat grain”; the best part, the richest and healthiest part, which is obtained after stripping the grain of all its external layers, the less noble ones.

The pure water of the De Cecco spring, which originates from the mountains of Majella park and is mixed with the semolina at a temperature below 15C, guarantee a sweeter flavor and a better firmness while cooking.

The use of bronze plate drawing to give the pasta the ideal roughness and porosity to capture the condiment.

A processing with large grain semolina to preserve the integrity of the starch.
The compliance with ancient drying rules, with slow processes, at low temperatures, in order to preserve the in integrity of nutritional values. At De Cecco, the drying process for several shapes last more than 36 hours.