Kölln Muesli  Crunchy Classic & Oats

(65% Wholegrain Oats with fine Vanilla taste)

Kölln Crunchy Mueslis (Granola) contain agglomerates, which are baked clusters of flakes (Kölln Oat Flakes and other grains), which are then mixed with components like chocolate, nuts and / or fruit –depending on variety.These agglomerates bring out the crunch in this type of muesli.This crunchy muesli range increases significantly in popularity.

A pure muesli variety with a tine vanilla taste.

– Taste particularly good with milk, juice & yogurt
– After opening close the pack tightly (no air has to come in)

Suitable for a balanced and healthy diet

Iron  Fibre Vitamin B1  Magnesium Zinc Phosphorus

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