Kölln Muesli  Crunchy Chocolate Brittle & Oats

(58% Wholegrain Oats with Hazelnut Brittle & Chocolate Bites)

Kölln Crunchy Mueslis (Granola) contain agglomerates, which are baked clusters of flakes (Kölln Oat Flakes and other grains), which are then mixed with components like chocolate, nuts and / or fruit –depending on variety.These agglomerates bring out the crunch in this type of muesli.This crunchy muesli range increases significantly in popularity.

A crunchy bit of fun for chocolate fans. Granola pieces with cocoa, fine milk chocolate and delicious hazelnut brittle make this muesli specialty an exceptional breakfast treat.

– Taste particularly good with milk, juice & yogurt
– After opening close the pack tightly (no air has to come in)

Suitable for a balanced and healthy diet

Iron  Fibre Vitamin B1  Magnesium Zinc Phosphorus

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