Ever since it was founded, Spigadoro has been accompanying and interpreting the changes in the Italian diet and lifestyle, satisfying the typical tastes in food and meeting the demand for high-quality ingredients, nutritional value and delicious pasta flavor.

With over 100 shapes and sizes of pasta, from the traditional to the special, Spigadoro satisfies the demand in any market segment. Spigadoro selects the best Durum wheat and processes it in its own mills, thus guaranteeing the highest quality day after day, pleasing pasta lovers in Italy and all over the world.

Spigadoro has been the on the market longer than any other brand of pasta in the world. It is old in more than 60 countries with a top quality, original product range and constantly improving service.

In a world that is becoming more and more technological, it could be meaningful to assert one’s knowledge and awareness of one’s origins, the memory of an old mill, the importance of authentic values, of genuine products, pride in our work, and respect for our consumers. The choice of the best wheat in the world and then its transformation into semolina at our mills are just the first steps of a long path marked by quality. Control of the whole production process enables. Spigadoro to obtain a standardized mixture of semolina for each type of pasta. This is the only way for us to guarantee quality pasta: from the traditional types to our special egg pasta and to our organic and whole meal organic pasta, considered for this reason, as well as many others, among the best in Italy. The best raw materials for a great line of products: over 100 shapes of pasta, from the more traditional to our special products, for the various different market segments. Having selected the best durum wheat and transformed it into semolina at our mills, the use of bronze extrusion dies guarantee that the pasta is “tough and supple”, but above all give it the ideal rough and porous surface for retaining any type of condiment. Lastly, it is dried slowly to make sure that all its nutritional properties remain unchanged.