Our identity: between history and innovation, in the sign of quality

Riso Scotti LogoEstablished in 1860 and leader of a team of high-technology companies, specialized in the cultivation, research and testing, manufacturing and processing of rice, Riso Scotti for over 150 years produces, processes and sells rice of high quality. At Riso Scotti, working the rice is an art, which has combined the great respect for its origins rice fields, innovation, demanded from the market by tooling for first with new technologies and with a “Quality System” that deserved all major International awards certification, to ensure compliance of the commitments made on the requirements of product quality, food safety and service.
“We are a team of people engaged in developing new project and products in order to spread our passion for rice”

Our mission we are a company of people committed to create value and culture in rice.

Our passion for over 150 years we work with great passion and experience this cereal. Our products come only from selected quality rice.

Our commitment to do only good and first-rate products for daily well-being. Our products come only from selected quality rice.

Our mission abroad: Italian way of eating

Riso Scotti distributes its products in over 80 countries. Our mission on the international markets is indeed oriented to give personality to the rice, to make risotto made in Italy known and appreciated all over the world, by proposing it as a culinary specialty, to root healthy rice based products in international consumers behavior.