Olitalia natural quality

We write Quality with a capital letter, because we ensure that all our products meet only the highest standards at every stage of the production process, giving a real testimony of the profound values of Olitalia.


We follow the development of our oil selecting the raw materials only from qualified suppliers that can guarantee the origin of the product and that possess high standard quality certifications.


For extra virgin olive oils, virgin olive oils, olive oils and olive pomace oils, which are not subject to PGI and PDO certifications, packaged at the Olitalia production site, there is a computerized traceability system connected directly to the Ministry of Agriculture (SIAN). In addition to the traceability system, to support and ensure a high quality standard, we have the AEO certificate issued by the Customs Agency to guarantee the safety of imported and exported products.

Ethic code

Olitalia adopts an ethical code, a tool which has been elaborated to define the set of values of corporate ethics identified, accepted and shared by the society and the set of responsibilities that Olitalia and its partners assume in their internal and external relationships. In addition Olitalia has prepared and shared with all employees a set of principles and ethical and moral values, to demonstrate every day a deep involvement and commitment. A constructive and positive approach to work, and a constant dedication to pursue the required objectives of quality.


Our latest generation plants have a “quality temperature-controlled system”. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is preserved at a constant temperature never higher than 16°C or lower than 10°C and, thanks to the “two steps Low Temp Filter” system, the temperature remains controlled even during the filtration process, while avoiding the common thermal shock during the classical filtration process, keeping untouched all the nutritional and organoleptic qualities.


We believe in the innovative energy and in positive energy. This is why we invest in research and development to improve our work, remaining constantly at the forefront, offering guaranteed safe and high quality products.


Olitalia is a totally Italian company, which reflects all the positive qualities of the Italian style and culture. Our products are authentic treasures, showing the know-how and the great gastronomic tradition of Bel Paese. This is why we are proud to bring our excellence around the world, as ambassadors of the taste and of the Italian “fine living”.


To promote increasingly responsible consumer choices, Olitalia is committed to preventing and reducing pollution, waste, CO2 emissions, increasing the use of recycled and recyclable materials and promoting initiatives to minimize the energy consumption in business management.