The History of Olitalia

The history of Olitalia is one with deep roots, roots that begin in a region that has all the ingredients required to build something successful in the world of food and catering.
The theater where this journey began is Romagna of the 70s and 80s, a land founded on the combination of a variety of elements: tourism linked to the images of Fellini’s Riviera with the consequent development of the hotel industry, the gastronomic excellence of great products and traditional dishes that have become an essential part of the regional identity, and the typical Romagnola culture which resulted from the initiative, tenacity and creativity of the people who were born in these lands.
In this scenario, the exponential growth of tourism from both Italy and abroad also brought growth throughout the catering industry, with its successes and its difficulties. Entrepreneurs thus found themselves facing a growing clientele, requiring them to offer a consistently high quality. Up to this point many small suppliers had been entrusted with supply but the time had come when it was necessary to have solid reference points in order to simplify the management of supply.

The winning idea of the Cremonini family along with the Severi brothers, all born and bred in the Emilia-Romagna region and healthy bearers of the enterprise spirit that distinguishes the inhabitants of this fabulous land, was to interpret the requirement of the regional restaurateurs and distributors by having a single source for all types of oil, from extra-virgin olive oil to seed oils, thereby offering a complete service and thereby simplifying the day to day management of these businesses.  It was 1983. This was the moment when Olitalia was created.

At that time, in the homeland of Artusi, a symbol of good food and hospitality, a partnership was established that has lasted for over thirty years, one which has never stopped growing thanks to Olitalia’s ability to meet all the demands of the catering world and to find innovative solutions to any request of chefs and restaurateurs.

Building on this success in the food service industry, achieved thanks to the ability to offer high quality and extremely reliable products, Olitalia, with the passing of the years, has also opened itself up to the world of retail with the aim of bringing to all consumers the same quality that it offers daily to the best chefs in the industry.
This success story continued in 1997 with the full acquisition of all shares in the company by the Cremonini family, and the entry into Olitalia of the new generation: Angelo Camillo and Elisabetta, both with strong entrepreneurial experience inherited from their father, and their vision of the innovation and openness to change that the Olitalia brand can offer abroad, not only in the exportation of its products to over 120 countries, but also in the values and culture of this solid and historic Emilia Romagna company.
A story of success, fruit of the union of passion, strength and adaptability which is typical of this land and its inhabitants.