In Parma, since 1899 tomato has meant Mutti. Here tomato is the result of deep interaction between man and the land.
All our tomatoes grow up around our plant, within an area of 130km on average, in order to ensure that each single tomato could arrive fresh directly from the field to the production line without losing taste and texture. In facts, the whole production cycle is driven by a sort of “rule of freshness” which is fundamental for us. For example, the irrigation process is designed in order to reach the double objective to avoid wasting water and, at the same time, to improve the health of plants.

The natural features of the ground, as well as the favorable weather and the huge availability of water let the tomato production be reach and healthy. Then, experience and know-how in seeds selection give the possibility to improve the quality of tomato season by season.
The most cultivated tomato variety is the “round” one, because of the texture of its pulp. It’s a tomato to be picked up perfectly red and juicy and processed as fresh as possible. It has a peculiar flavor, a sweet and intense taste. The typical red color of this kind of tomato is given by the high percentage of lycopene, an excellent and powerful antioxidant.