For Nearly a Century, Monin has created the finest flavour concentrates for use by professionals. By sourcing only the best quality ingredients and preserving the maximum essence and aroma, Monin has built a world-wide reputation for flavour excellence. Monin Syrup range expresses all these values!

Monin products are designed for professionals who request perfection and true tastes to create or improve recipes…

Our experience come from 50 years of relationship with Bartenders, Baristas, bar and coffee shops managers, Chefs & Beverage Managers.

Customers are our unique source of inspiration!

As an Associated Member of the IBA and the WBC, Monin mostly operates on the Catering Food & Beverage industry and also in the worldwide coffee shops and bars network.

Monin products have been recently awarded at the last meeting of IBA in Las Vegas getting the 3 first winning position of the cocktail competition in the Flavouring category!