The secret recipe of the famous puff Vicenzi, macaroons and ladyfingers, is very simple: always Vicenzi SPA carefully chooses the raw materials for its products, to give consumers a genuine unique sensory experience to ensure a premium positioning. Ingredients of excellence used in recipes for a unique and inimitable. The end result is an exquisite range of creations recreates the flavors of the past, thanks to careful manufacturing and the use of ingredients quality.


With a strong orientation to the high quality that characterizes the art of traditional Italian confectionery, the lively R & D department constantly proposes new items to the market by following the developments and trends of consumption, enriching the range of tastes new and suitable for different personalize methods of tasting. To maintain the qualitative superiority of its products, the Group also invests heavily in innovative packaging, to preserve the high product quality. The help the product innovation and the continuous improvement on various lines, tests are done to ensure the specific characteristics and meet the expectations.


Excellent products as Vicenzovo and Amaretto of Italy, thanks to the attention and care with which they are made and the quality of selected raw materials, are certified as High Quality products, also in compliance with the specifications in force (DM 22 / 07/2005). The standardization of production processes, with automated systems, guarantees the highest quality in every stage of processing.

Attention to detail

All products of Vicenzi are made from mixing to cooking, according to the teachings of Italian pastry tradition.The typical fragrance and lightness of all the sheets Vicenzi is guaranteed by the plant productive working the dough up to 192 thin layers. The process of slow cooking up to 20 minutes, mainly dedicated to shortbread, is typical of the artisan pastry and helps to preserve the fragrance and flavour of the natural taste of good and genuine things as before. The immediate packaging in line and care packaging, thanks to the use of wrappings designed for the needs of conservation of each reference, allow to keep unchanged the properties of the products.