The company

The Group Vicenzi includes 3 brands of excellence: Matilde Vicenzi , dedicated to the late Italian pastries, Grisbì , the famous pastry filled and Mr.Day , snacks. With its leadership of the largest range of typical Italian products The Group Vicenzi stands out as a manufacturer of excellence of pastries, fresh and varied, ready biscuits and bakery products.
The Group Vicenzi, as we know it today, was formed in 2005 when Giuseppe Vicenzi performed an operation of great importance in deciding to acquire all the Parmalat bakery branch including two well-known brands, and Grisbì MrDay.

Another key asset of the company philosophy is the presence in the markets: with a mix of strategic diversification of distribution, ranging from classical supermarket chains to gourmet food shops, from the vending channel, bars and airports with its products.