LORETO SPECIALTY FOODS offers a brand that has been worldwide registered: LORETO.

This trademark, that is employed in the marketing of any of its Mediterranean speciality items, has got an unique positioning in accordance with its own brand values (identity and personality).

219BC-AD476 (Roman Empire, Hispania)

The Romans establish several “Villas” in the Seville region : the “Villa of Spartus”, nowadays known as the village of Espartinas, and the “Villa of Lauretum” ;

“Lauretum”, with the Spanish derivation “Loreto”, is the Roman word for “Laurel”, a small evergreen lauraceous tree whose foliage was used in a wreath as a symbol of victory.


The world famous sanctuary or monastery “Nuestra Señora de Loreto” is founded on the grounds of the former Roman “Villa of Lauretum” (=Loreto).


Several olive processors & exporters establish their business in the village of Espartinas, nearby the monastery “Nuestra Señora de Loreto”.


The LORETO brand or trademark, undoubtedly inspired by the name of the monastery and in which a visual reproduction of the same can be appreciated, is used for the first time.


LORETO is a brand with a strong awareness thanks to its easily recalled name and highly appealing, premium look. A brand with a distinctive and extremely elegant appearance, ideal for the marketing of the finest Spanish olives, olive oils and other Mediterranean specialty food items